Personal Savings

Saving is an important step in laying the foundation for your future. Unexpected expenses are becoming the norm these days and it's always nice to know you have an emergency fund to fall back on in case something happens. Savings accounts serve as more than just safety nets, they can be valuable tools in teaching your children the importance of saving money. Kids can watch their money grow as it accumulates interest. So whether you're putting money away for future college expenses, plans for a major purchase, or just that trip to Hawaii you've always wanted to take, AJNB has just the savings account for you.

Savings Accounts

Regular Savings Account
  • $25.00 minimum opening balance
  • $2.00 fee per month if balance falls below $100.00 any day of the month
  • Limited withdrawals (see terms and disclosures)
  • No book required for transactions
  • ATM card available upon approval
  • Account transfers allowed at the ATM and Money Matters Hotline
  • No fees for minimum balance requirement until age 18
If you're planning on taking a family vacation, or wanting to put a little money away for the holidays, look into our Club accounts. These accounts are easy to open and a simple way to save up for the holidays.

Club Accounts

Vacation Club
  • $25.00 minimum balance to open
  • Unlimited deposits
  • Pays out in May of each year
Christmas Club
  • $25.00 minimum balance to open
  • Unlimited deposits
  • Pays out in October of each year
For long-term investors, we offer several varieties of CD's at competitive rates. Whether looking to invest your money for a few months, or a few years, AJNB has the plan to fit your needs. Come see one of our new accounts representatives, or call us at (618) 833-8506 to find out our current rates.

Certificates of Deposit

  • $1000 minimum to open
  • Contact us for our current rates and specials
  • Jumbo rates available for amounts $50,000 and over