History of Anna-Jonesboro National Bank

The First National Bank of Jonesboro

The oldest bank in all of Union County, The Bank of Jonesboro was started in May of 1893, in a small, rented building in what was then known as the town of Jonesboro Station. The bank was founded by Mr. David C. Karraker, Dr. W.C. Lence, and Mr. Pleasant T. Chapman, with Mr. John B. Jackson coming on as a partner in 1896. As the bank quickly grew, they began construction on a new building, moving there upon its completion in 1895.

In 1923 the bank changed its name to The First National Bank of Jonesboro, and moved into a new building in downtown Jonesboro two years later. The new location, centered on the town square in the heart of the business district, is still used to this day.

The bank grew steadily for the next several decades and in 1991, the Board of Directors organized the Jonesboro Bancompany as a holding company. They operated The First National Bank of Jonesboro as a subsidiary of this holding co. for the next 16 years.

In 1999, construction was completed on a state-of-the-art building a few miles west of downtown Anna, which would serve as the bank's second location.

The Anna National Bank

The city of Anna was founded in 1854, primarily as a train station for the new Illinois Central Railroad. Nearly 50 years after that, in 1900, The Bank of Anna was started in a small store room in the middle of the town. The bank was started as a partnership between Mr. David W. Karraker, Mr. John B. Jackson, Dr. William C. Lence, and Mr. Pleasant T. Chapman.

In 1911, The Bank of Anna moved into a building of its own which was formerly owned by Mr. Caleb M. Miller. The building was used as an opera house, but it was purchased from Mr. Miller's estate upon his death in 1911. Along with a new location also came a new name, as The Bank of Anna became The Anna National Bank.

In the late 1960's, The Anna National Bank opened its second branch just west of town, to serve as a convenient drive-through location. The old opera house was home to the bank for nearly 80 years, until its current-day location on Main St. in downtown Anna, was constructed in the fall of 1990.

In May of 2007, The Anna National Bank and The First National Bank of Jonesboro merged together to become the Anna-Jonesboro National Bank. It seemed almost natural that two of the most historic businesses in Southern Illinois should come together to serve the banking needs of the Union County area. Formerly of The Anna National Bank, Mr. David Gould serves as our President, with the Board of Directors composed of business and community leaders from around our area.